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Wonder woman kidnapped by joker fanfiction

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Over the years, Batman has had a lot of alternate taglines and nicknames: the World's Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader or just "the Bat. Out of all of Bruce Wayne's alternative alter ego titles, the Dark Knight is by far the most popular, and there's a reason for that. Where superheroes like Superman represent an aspirational model of sunny heroism, Batman's brand of vigilantism is street level: grimy, dark and dangerous. Naturally, some of the most famous Batman tales can only be described as deeply unsettling.

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a WONDER-ful new Joker

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The only other member who isn't on vacation is Batman. I'm heading there now. I looked at my laptop, specifically what was up at that point. Pictures of me kissing Batman, and vice versa. I knew it wasn't real, but I could hope. I closed it, vowing to forever remember the pictures. I exited my room and hurried to the transportation room.

I nodded and stepped onto the closest circle, and J'onn sent me to protect the president. Honestly, we only attacked the president to get your attention. I landed on a rooftop with Robin just behind me, he watched Gordan, cautious. I exited the shadows, with Robin just behind me.

Joker and Harley Quinn are in love, of course he'd go back for her. Basically by freeing her he's slowed himself down and put himself at more risk.

You're friends with Bruce Wayne, right? Could you ask him to send us some money so we can actually get down to business? I lassoed Cheetah and Devastation, pleased at my latest victory.

I flew a few miles away to a jail where I'd have a little warning if they intend to attack the president again. He didn't need to know how close I'd come to losing. I turned and started to walk away, but then I felt something hit my head, and I fell, my vision going black. The news is saying she beat Cheetah and Devastation an hour ago.

I was glad J'onn didn't know about my feelings for Diana. I couldn't make any advancements, not ruining my reputation. As Bruce, girls came to me, not the other way around. As Batman, I had no heart, I couldn't have any emotions. Call her, Batman. Call over. I turned to the batcomputer and was about to hit a few keys when Joker's face appeared on the screen. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Wonder Woman is in love with Batman. Batman knows, but chooses not to address it, seeing it as inferior.

At least, until the Joker kidnaps Wonder Woman while most of the League is on vacation. When Batman heads to a nuclear plant to rescue her, Rob discovers a trap and calls Wally to run him to the dark knight in time.

Will Rob save Batman? Will Wonder Woman live? Or will all die? Wonder Woman's problem Chapter 1 The wish. Wonder Woman's pov "Oh, Bruce, I wish that you would tell me if you love me like I love you," I thought, looking at his picture. Or else.

Batman's pov I landed on a rooftop with Robin just behind me, he watched Gordan, cautious. Batman POV "J'onn are you sure? Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 Vengeance 3. Batman's Assistance 4. Update Wonder Woman's Problem 5. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Damian Wayne is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by DC Comics , created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert , commonly in association with Batman. He is the genetically engineered son of Batman and Talia al Ghul , [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] and thus, the grandson of Batman villain Ra's al Ghul and the potential inheritor of Wayne Enterprises [11] as the son of Bruce. In turn, the character is revealed to have originally been intended to "kill and replace his famous father," [22] as well as serving as a host body for Ra's al Ghul, [23] [24] thus, in theory, unifying both Wayne and Demon factions as intended by the al Ghuls. Following this, various alternate universe stories dealt with the character's life, giving him various names.

Special thanks to DaisyJane for betaing this disturbing tale, thanks DaisyJane for increasing the shiver factor. Was watching Batman Beyond Return of the Joker and this story popped into my head.

The only other member who isn't on vacation is Batman. I'm heading there now. I looked at my laptop, specifically what was up at that point. Pictures of me kissing Batman, and vice versa.

Damian Wayne

I tried to generalize the girl in this story, to make it fit to just about every girl in the world that can speak English. I opened my eyes to the sound of a faint ticking near my ears, in the dark place I was seated in. The sound grew fainter as my eyes slowly opened to reveal, nothing. I painted, louder and louder, terrified as I tried to stretch my arms out. I let out a small breath, as I struggled to stretch my arms from my backside to my front. Nothing was working, I felt as if something was pulling me back. And there was something pulling me back. Thick ropes, holding me back against the cool floor.

I slowly regained consciousness seemingly hours later. I was at first disorientated and groggy. I tried to move, but couldn't, for something was keeping me tightly bound There was a small light above me. I opened my eyes and saw that I was sitting tied up with ropes around me in the middle of a darkened room with just that single light bulb hanging above me.

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Diana landed gently, touching down on the soft grass that covered the grounds of the manor house. The landscape was blanketed by the night sky and she was certain that the darkness would shield her arrival from any prying eyes, although she really didn't think that there would be any. The house stood on acres of land and was set back from the only road providing access to the property.

Again not sure if anyone goes this far back into my profile, but this story was in horrific need for a clean-up. Diana paced around the Watchtower control room, attempting to think. Her thoughts were clouded by the worry swamping her mind. I know it is," she said to the Martian who was operating the strange buttons at her side.

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Joker slapped Wonder Woman awake, and I restrained myself from revealing any possible emotions that would encourage him to hurt her more. Now there's no chance of me letting you out. You find us, I'll give her the anitdote, and we'll fight it out. I spun to Robin. I'll try to find out where the video came from.

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What happens when Robin gets kidnapped? can he escape? or will young Read Chapter 13 from the story LOST (A Young Justice/Robin Fanfic) by by Shadowhuntertwin (Lyn (Shadow)) with 4, reads. youngjustice, joker, lost. How Batman shows affection in Young Justice Gotham City, Nananana Batman.

Well, before the Joker died, he had come up with a special mind control potion that he would use on people to brainwash them into becoming his followers and help him in his criminal activities Most of the mind control potion was confiscated by the police, but Harley had kept a good haul of the potions secret so she could use them herself. Her target was locked and now Harley just needed to find a way to reel Wonder Woman in without her knowing Harley then secretly spied on Wonder Woman without being caught, and heard that Wondie was going to have a haircut the next day as it was her day off, and Harley also heard Wonder Woman say the name of the hairdressers she was going to visit The next day, Harley arrived at the hairdressers the next morning in casual attire, and her usually pig-tailed blonde hair untied and hanging down her back. You missed! Where is everyone? We had a couple of people break in earlier and steel some of our stuff, and when they tried to escape, one of them accidentally broke a bottle and cut themselves.

The rest of the league stood behind Batman watching the video. They didn't know what had happened, but seeing the Joker they instinctively knew that it wad bad. The Joker continued, "Brucie, baby!






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