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Be yourself. Over the course of 6 years, Remi has taken her hobby of making YouTube videos about her life experience and interests and transformed it a full-fledged career. We had the pleasure of chatting with Remi Ashten Cruz about how she got into YouTube, what it takes to run her media empire and how to be anything but basic on YouTube. She started out as a middle schooler who was in love with other creators on the platform.


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Be yourself. Over the course of 6 years, Remi has taken her hobby of making YouTube videos about her life experience and interests and transformed it a full-fledged career. We had the pleasure of chatting with Remi Ashten Cruz about how she got into YouTube, what it takes to run her media empire and how to be anything but basic on YouTube.

She started out as a middle schooler who was in love with other creators on the platform. Inspired by other beauty gurus on YouTube, Remi decided her senior year of high school was the time for her to launch her own YouTube channel — MissRemiAshten. In the early days of her channel, Remi would record her videos in Photobooth and edit everything in iMovie.

And then I would edit it for hours after that. Her passion for YouTube would carry on into her freshman year of college. During that time, she made DIY videos from the view of a college student. She also broke into the personal vlogging world. On that channel, she chronicles more of her life in a vlogging format.

In addition to a college workload, Remi had a lot on her plate. But her hard work was garnering a lot of attention. Remi started to notice her channel growing to the hundreds of thousands. It was at this point where she decided it was time to see just how far she could take her channel if she invested in it full time. To kind of just see what could happen. That growth showed her that she was able to turn her passion into a career. So then I was able to move out to LA after that. Between her main channel and her vlogging channel, she has over 3 million subscribers.

Outside of YouTube, she has 5 million followers across all of her social channels. All of this has honestly come as a surprise to Remi. When asked about when she thought it was time to grow her team, Remi reflected back to when she first hired her videographer, Eli.

Because of that deal, she reached out to her high school friend who she knew made videos for fun. And I think that my content has gotten so much better, too, because I am so comfortable with him. And just putting two brains together obviously is so much better than just one. Creating consistent content takes a consistent process. Typically, Remi draws inspiration from her life to decide what to make a video about. That has become a really big part of my life, so that is definitely what a lot of my content has become lately.

Let us twist it, and make it different in this way. And he is just so go-with-the-flow. I just tell him exactly what angles, and kind of like, I basically just lay out the whole idea behind it. On average, from concept to creation, it takes Remi Ashten and her team a week to publish a new video. Sometimes it is just a one or two day shoot.

Then, after that, it is figuring out the thumbnail, getting all that squared away. Editing takes a few days. Producing the videos is always fun, Remi says, but her favorite part of the process is editing the vlog videos. It is all wrapped up nicely. And then the vlogs, for me, are just all the behind the scenes videos to see what actually went into all of that. It can be a challenge to maintain an audience over the course of 6 years, especially with YouTube and social media platforms changing without notice.

However, Remi has found that continual reinvention is the key to keeping her channel fresh and never stale. And also, just my pure happiness with my content and my life — since YouTube is actually my life — has grown so much, too. But I also want it to be something different that I had not seen before.

Or if you have more acne, you could put more of the [acne cream] in. The latest addition to the Remi Ashten media empire is a podcast she started with her best friend Alisha Marie. They open up about relationships, life behind the scenes for full-time YouTubers, and personal stories not found anywhere else. The podcast was born out of the natural chemistry Alisha and Remi have when sharing stories with others.

It was just a very dramatic story. And [Alisha] was there, kind of backing me up, and would like, chime in when I would forget details and things like that. The next morning their agent recommended started a podcast.

Like, people need to hear this. Upon release, the podcast went straight to number one on Apple Podcasts — which is no surprise with their combined social media following adding up to over 28 million. It is a whole other world than YouTube itself. So every day we are learning more things about, just a whole other platform. The podcast has opened up Remi to new opportunities and experiences, including going on a four-city LIVE podcast mini-tour. So that was a really full experience, to shoot four different stops.

And do the podcasts live, do like meet-and-greets. I have done meet-and-greets before, but never have done anything like that. Having a successful YouTube channel based around your life comes with challenges as well. One of the biggest challenges is deciding what to share with your viewers and what to keep private. Admittingly, Remi has learned the lesson of oversharing the hard way.

Like, even something as small as my dating life, I would talk about a lot. Through her experiences, she has been able to find the right balance of sharing personal stories without giving out too much personal information. Ultimately, it comes down to lessons learned from her life. If someone else can learn from it, then that is great, and then I should be sharing it. And sharing what I have learned. But if not, then it … There are things I should definitely keep to myself.

So much so that sometimes her audience feels they are owed specific details about events or people. Still, she never shares more than she is comfortable with. Or I just do not want to.

Remi attributes much of her success on YouTube not only to her personality but also to her consistency and creativity. But also, make the content you actually want to watch. YouTube is not the only video platform game in town anymore.

Because of that, choosing the right platform that best fits your content is also vital. If you are more into photography, then definitely use Instagram as your avenue. Or, if you are more into comedy and short-form videos and things, then maybe Twitter is the place for you.

But for Remi, YouTube is the best platform for her longer form, community-building content. The glamorous life of a Full-Time YouTuber is just that, a full-time job. For Remi Ashten, it involves having the right team around to support you and knowing yourself and your audience.

It also takes some trial and error in deciding what to share and what not to. Not only that, it takes consistency and a personality that people want to follow. I think YouTube also helped me really to become a more confident person, and just who I am today. That has definitely made me just a different person overall.

Like Remi Ashten, aspiring YouTubers can draw inspiration from who they admire online and then create something completely original and unique to them. In return, you may not have millions of subscribers like Remi, but instead, you may find yourself transformed into a more open and confident person. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Friday, May 15, Get help. Creator Handbook. Photo by Jesse Tam. Lately, that means lots of health and wellness content. Remi always aims to find a balance between connecting with her audience and sharing too much of her personal life.

Lizzy Sharer - From Carnegie Mellon to YouTube Star

U and lizzy where dating and yall were friends. Like if u moved on then why are u worring adout her dating ryan. Oh beacause u still like her that why u are questioning them. Carter:it is not me I am not here Lizzy: I am going one a date with Ryan Carter:this is my house now stop u can not Lizzy:get out of here loser. Hmmm liz still care about carter caz when carter sharer almost fall in the stairs liz said"be careful".

He answers "Never have I ever Your city or ZIP code. News Break App.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne are one of the most fashionable couples in Hollywood, and definitely one of the hottest. The model and actress can be linked to each other as far back as May on social media, which is right around when they officially met on the set of the film Her Smell. Amid all this, Ashley posted the first selfie of the pair on her Instagram, but there was no obvious clue about whether or not they'd started dating. Ashley and Cara continued to pop up together on social media and at various hangouts for the next several months but it wasn't until they were spotted kissing in August that it was pretty much confirmed that the two were together. However, Cara didn't confirm their relationship until June with an Instagram video from Her Smell acknowledging "our one year anniversary.


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Lizzy Sharer

Liz shares her thoughts on growing a YouTube following. In the nine months since she started her YouTube channel, Liz has attracted 1. Did I mention that she is really smart? Liz: Yup. Liz: Right.

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With the rise of social media platforms such as YouTube, there have never been more opportunities for the self-employed. Lizzy Sharer falls under the self-employed category as she has made a career for herself out of social media. The year-old has grown quite a bit in stature since the first time that she joined YouTube. She is best known for her YouTube channel where she shares, day to day vlogs, comedic acts and much more.

Lizzy Sharer Age, Boyfriend, Married, Net Worth, Brother

She is a very hard working woman who has been featured in a Vlog Movie collaborating with a famous youtube star Carter Sharer. Her daily vlogs and experiments with DIYs have garnered her a lot of viewers in a short period of time. Not just her creativity on craft and DIY ideas, but beautiful Lizzy is also into hair, makeup, and fashion tutorials. Lizzy Sharer is an American YouTuber who is best-known for uploading pranks, challenges, reaction, makeup tutorial and tricks, beauty tips, product reviews, vlogs, DIY, craft ideas, life hacks in her channel, Lizzy Sharer.

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