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How to get a korean friend online

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Regardless of race, language, or nationality, you can find your potential best friends here. From K-pop, K-drama and movies, to Korean food, feel free to share your interest with your Korean friends! From your neighborhood to the other side of the world, there is no limit in the distance. Until you find your right friends, feel free to browse, feel free to talk with them!

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How To Meet Korean Friends – Outside And Within Korea

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Pages: 1. Topic: Places to meet Korean friends online Read times. Resolance Veteran 76 April 13, , pm Korea more. Where are some places you have managed to meet good Korean friends online? Personally, I found some cool people on www. You can advertise tutoring, find people for dating, or just meet some friends. You don't need to go online to make korean friends, unless you don't live in Korea. Nivea Hero of Waygookistan September 02, , pm more.

This was a poor attempt at undercover advertising. Allison-teacher Veteran 93 September 30, , am Hwanggan, Chungbuk, Korea more Get a little love, give a little love back. Yeah, you live here. If you live here, get out and meet people. If you are not really sure where to go, try going to a popular pub close to a college campus.

I'm sure you'll find someone to talk to. Or join a gym. Or talk to your co-workers. Quote from: oceancloud on October 22, , am. Quote from: Resolance on October 22, , am. Quote from: weigookin74 on October 22, , pm. Space The Legend May 09, , pm more. Quote from: Nivea on October 22, , pm. I should be banned for posting a question and suggesting a website? I'm sure some of you do see it as advertising.

There are other sites people can use. I was just curious what other people's experiences have been. I'm well aware you can meet people offline - as I often do. You can meet Korean friends online or in person, whether you live in Korea or not. There's no reason to limit yourself unless you think meeting people online is creepy for some reason. Online can be a more comfortable for them and give them a chance before meeting you in person.

Anyway, this is a post about meeting people online. Nobody needs to choose online only or in person only. Both can be beneficial for meeting good friends. Quote from: Resolance on October 22, , pm.

I met some people on interpals Now it's literally guys just looking for Korean girls to have sex and the other way around What you put into Korea, is what you will get out of Korea; it will not spoon feed you. I have two Korean friends that I met through mykoreanfirends online. Alternatively, use the site's search function.

You do if you live in area where many don't speak English or speak it well. I do meet chicks sometimes, but find many sites only work for Seoul. There are Korean ones that probably have more ladies and are all around the country. Anyone sign up for those or have a problem because of the ID issue? I'd like to find a way to get onto some of those, but haven't tried. Be curious to hear your experiences to know which sites are good.

Also, which are the best smart phone apps? I will upgrade to a smart phone one day, but have no clue which apps are best to meet up. I assume those are also only geared towards Seoul?

Personally, I found some cool people on MyKoreanfriends. Mods - This advertisement should be deleted and the user banned. If you're looking for a date, join a dating website. That way there's no confusion about why you're meeting each other. If you just want to meet Koreans, learn some Korean and walk outside. They're everywhere. I can see dozens outside my window right now.

Seriously, many Koreans want to meet foreigners, but you need to take the initiative yet not be creepy.

I used to study Korean alone at a cafe near my old home, which was near a university. The cafe was usually full of uni and grad students studying, often English.

I would ask a cute girl near me a question about Korean, and then act surprised like, "Oh, you're studying English. Gee, what a coincidence. One time I chatted up 3 girls studying English together. Eventually, they packed up and left the cafe. Well if you live in an area where there's not a lot of people, then you can just go a bigger place nearby. A lot of koreans can speak English. It also doesn't hurt to learn some korean, it's not that hard.

I laughed. This is clearly advertising. What's up with the mods these days? I haven't seen Taeyoung in an age. If you want to make Korean friends, go outside, be friendly and smile. Or go on Facebook and look for language exchanges, friendship clubs. I can guaranty there are more Koreans looking for English speaking friends than the other way round.

If you have problems making Korean friends, then the problem probably lies within and not from any limited situations of opportunity. You shouldn't be banned. Not at all! The post was phrased and read like an advertisement and people took it that way is all. I apologies if it's not. We should withhold judgement and be forgiving as English is probably not your first language. Well its a bit strange because most people post questions because they don't know the answer.

Popping up and giving unsolicited advice to a problem that nobody is asking about it a tad odd. And yes, meeting people online is a bit creepy. The title says places for meeting Korean people online. How many places did I list? I listed one. I don't know how that qualifies me as answering my own question. Meeting people online is creepy?

Some people share that sentiment, but hey, some people think talking to random people on the street, at a gym, or any other number of places is creepy too. In regards to the leap of logic about meeting people online and not being able to meet people in person - ridiculous.

I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. Meeting people online or in person is not mutually exclusive. You can do both, and just because you ask about one does not mean you don't do the other. I go out several times a week specifically to meet people, whether it be at an organized event, random outing, bar, club, whatever. I know some people referred to Waygook Dave's 2. Is it impossible to have a civil discussion or ask a slightly unusual question without personal insults?

Well the very fact that you listed one place makes it even more likely to be advertising. Logged What you put into Korea, is what you will get out of Korea; it will not spoon feed you.

KakaoTalk: 7 Ways to Use It to Learn the Korean Language

Last Updated on May 14, Below, we will introduce you to a few great means through which you too can immediately make Korean friends online! There are some fantastic sites and apps that will help you meet Koreans, both inside and outside of Korea. You can use them to meet Koreans. Can't read Korean yet?

Sex : Any Male Female. Age : from to. Text search :.

KakaoTalk is the leading messenger app in South Korea. South Koreans do practically everything on it—talk to friends, catch up on the news and find out the latest about their K-idols. They even do online shopping and play games on the Kakao platform. KakaoTalk also happens to be an awesome language learning tool.

Best Korean Dating Site & Apps | A Guide To Online Dating In Korea

There are hundreds of Koreans waiting to become your new Korean friend at KoreanCupid. You can meet your Korean friend through our numerous entries of Korean personals. You can meet and make as many Korean friends as you like there are no limits. With a Korean friend you can get to lean about Korea, its people, culture and practices. You can even now have a reason to visit the enchanting country! You can interact with Koreans from all over the world. You can also have online language exchange lessons right here at KoreanCupid. To experience Korean friendships join our site for free and put up your profile. Send a message or interest to start communicating with members.

Korean Friends

If you want to learn more about Korean language or culture, one of the best ways is by making Korean friends. You can still make Korean friends in just where you are. Most major cities have language exchanges, which can often be found online at sites such as meetup. Koreans travelling abroad often use language exchanges themselves to make new friends and practice their language skills, so it is quite likely that you will meet some Koreans at your local language exchange. Many large cities, especially in North America and Japan, have a Korean district.

I'm using Kakao Talk.

Pages: 1. Topic: Places to meet Korean friends online Read times. Resolance Veteran 76 April 13, , pm Korea more.

How To Meet Korean Friends Online

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Looking for a Korean dating site for foreigners? How to meet Korean guys online? Looking for the best Korean dating app? Whether it is just for fun or for a long term relationship eventually leading to marriage with a romantic South Korea honeymoon. South Korea is slowly starting to follow this trend. Below is a list of different dating sites and apps filled with Korean singles who are ready to mingle.

Find friends in south korea

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Regardless of race, language, or nationality, you can find your potential best friends here. From K-pop, K-drama and movies, to Korean food, feel free to share your interest with your Korean friends!

Below, we will introduce you to a few great means through which you too can immediately make Korean friends online! Great question, and we've.

Know how to entertain yourself through our site where you can: Find Language Exchange Partners Meet Foreigners or Koreans and find people who have the same hobby as you and have fun. Your support through prayer, partnership, time, or donations is working miracles in the lives of. To find out if that's the case, several sites including familysearch.

Top 5 Apps and Websites to meet Korean friends online







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