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How to find buried item in hitman 2

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If you are anything like me, you were overwhelmed and confused with the amount of evidence present in A New Life, so I took the time to write them all down here, with three clues to find them. You need three pieces of information to complete the objective, and different pieces of evidence give different pieces of information. To complete the objective you need:. You must obtain it and go to the attic across the street in the construction house to play it on a surveillance machine.

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Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough Guide – Silent Assassin, Challenges

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Home Games News Cosplay. A guide to the location of all collectable items on the Whittleton Creek map. Miami - Chameleon All Disguises with Locations. Challenges in The Last Yardbird - Himmelstein. Himmelstein Feats Locations. Mumbai Collectibles Guide. Overview This guide will show you the locations of all the collectable items for Whittleton Creek that you will need to complete challenges.

All you have to do is take out the 12 cameras on the map. Over all, there are 7 at Nolan Cassidy's 3 outside, 4 inside and 5 at Janus' 4 outside, 1 inside.

Here are some screenshots to help. All you need to do is pick up a frog that is in the area behind Nolan Cassidy's house. Just run past the guard and crouch walk through the tall grass and it is on the left just past the bird house. Old Grudges This challenge is very simple but also pretty difficult to find yourself, even if you know where your looking.

For this challenge you need to find a mole hole in the area by the construction site and interact with it to find an old hatchet buried inside. Below I have posted a picture of the map just to help because it is pretty difficult to find. If you are still struggling here is a video from Kontroller Korner which might help.

Pickpocket For this challenge, all you need to do is get Janus' letter, which is located in either two places. The guy in Cassidy's house in the brown trench coat carries it most of the time but sometimes he will put it down on the side in the kitchen.

It is one of the clues for the Master Detective challenge so I suggest you do it while you are getting that challenge. More info is below. Master Detective There are 9 clues in total around Whittleton Creek.

To complete the challenge you need to collect all 9. They can be gathered in any order, but I strongly suggest getting the Cigar Box first as it is the only difficult one to locate, and after you have 3 clues the game will no longer give you map icons of where to look making it much harder to find it. The clues are as follows: Cigar Box The gardener is worried about guard activity behind the park. Something has been buried in the frog sanctuary.

The cigar box is buried behind Cassidy's house in the swamp. You will need a shovel, which can be found in the park shed or Batty's shed.

Surveillance Tape Cassidy's crew has been keeping a close eye on Janus. It may not be played the same place it's found. The security tape is on the table in Cassidy's kitchen. You must obtain it and go to the attic across the street in the construction house to play it on a surveillance machine. The Microfilm Janus keeps meticulous records in his library.

Wilson reads microfilm as a hobby. You must obtain the microfilm from Janus'es upstairs library, then play it back on the machine in the Wilson's Attic. Lawsuit Janus has been having a disagreement with Mr.

Batty has been living in his shed due to his fumigation. The Lawsuit can be found in Mr. Batty's shed. Robe Janus is good friends with his neighbor, who sometimes performs alterations. That neighbor is Mrs. The robe is located in Mrs. West's bedroom. You must put it on to find the clue. Gramophone Janus is very sentimental. He likes to share his stories. Turn on the gramophone in Janus'es second floor.

He will run to it and reveal the clue. Diary Some of the guards find Janus'es old stories to be fascinating. Some of them read on their break. The guard is located at the bottom left corner of the map, reading the diary on a bench by the garbage truck. Obtain the diary for the clue. Photo Janus fills his house with memories. Most of them in the basement. The photo is located in the bottom right corner of the basement. Pick it up for the clue. Letter Janus'es mail is monitored.

Cassidy's men are responsible for checking it. The Letter is carried by the man in the brown trench coat in Cassidy's house, sometimes he sets it on the counter. Obtain the letter. If you are still having trouble, here is a video Due You Even Care?

This one is pretty long so I will just include a video Elderly Assistance For this challenge you need to complete 7 objectives to make Janus' day, in one playthrough.

They can be done in any order, but be warned that this challenge is pretty long, it can take upwards of 30 mins while you wait for Janus to walk around. The objectives are as follows: Place a muffin on the plate in his kitchen obtain one from the muffin stand. Poor him a tea interact with Samovar in the kitchen. Play the gramophone in his library.

Take out Gunther his bodyguard wearing red so he will go and visit the old lady next door. Replace his cigarettes on the table in his bedroom found on Gunther when you knock him out or there are some in the bush in the next door garden.

Get the doctor to come and visit him throw any object at the ducks to scare them away so he will come to Janus'. Block the mole holes in Janus' garden with any objects, then speak to the guy in yellow who will get Janus to come and inspect. Once you have done all 7 the challenge should pop. Written by Artoriiaz.

Hitman 2 Whittleton Creek Walkthrough - Another Life Kills, Challenges, Clues

Time to take a stroll through the suburbs. Here are the three easiest pieces of information to collect, and two almost foolproof methods to secretly assassinate both targets. These methods can be pretty complicated, so you may need extra help with each step. Checkout the gallery for specific item locations, and be aware that there are a lot of moving parts here.

The first left through the grass as you start from the harbor leads you to a locked gate. You can see the silencer, but the pistol becomes visible in heightened vision.

Home Games News Cosplay. A guide to the location of all collectable items on the Whittleton Creek map. Miami - Chameleon All Disguises with Locations. Challenges in The Last Yardbird - Himmelstein. Himmelstein Feats Locations.

A comprehensive guide to finding the Clues in Whittleton Creek

Rodrigo Cortes directs this claustrophobic suspense thriller. Ryan Reynolds stars as Paul Conroy, an American driver contracted to deliver supplies to soldiers in Iraq. After an attack by an Iraqi resistance group, Paul wakes to find himself buried alive inside a coffin with only his mobile phone and a cigarette lighter. With only 90 minutes' worth of oxygen between him and certain death, Paul's worst enemies become intermittent reception and a rapidly draining battery as he engages in a desperate and tightly-confined battle for survival. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Skip to main content. Buy New. Usually ships within 6 to 10 days. Ships from and sold by MovieMars.

HITMAN 2 - Whittleton Creek Collectibles Guide

Olivia decrypted the data 47 recovered from the bank. We isolated three transactions from Providence Partners accounts. To the public, they specialize in "reputation management" for the rich and famous. The real money, however, comes from the covert reconstruction of identities for wealthy criminals. They make people disappear.

Those of you familiar with that stage will find a lot of similarities here, especially the heavy security presence guarding a valuable target living nearby.

Hitman 2 has some pretty awesome levels, taking players from gorgeous bustling cities to jungle paradises. It has details on all of the major kills, as well walkthroughs on how to carry them out. For more on Hitman 2 be sure to head on over to our Hitman 2 Guides Hub. It has links to all of our Hitman 2 Guides, including detailed breakdowns of each level, a look at the controls, and some helpful tips and tricks.

The Last Resort

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You can also return here after completing all mission objectives. There's a shed here - it's one of the most accessible item stashes. You can find a drog here and use it as a poison and also a buried item you must use a shovel from the shed in the park. Nolan Cassidy lives here - he's one of the mission targets. You can find him inside the house or walking around the neighborhood. Security room surveillance is on the ground floor, gun room is on the upper floor.

Related Searches. I've had no luck with the frog habitat. Not sure if it is bugged or if they need to add something to it. I need help with the reviving a player in water. Really hate when I have to rely on others to do something in the game. The frog is sitting on the farthest arch there are two parallel arches under the bridge , in between the second and third pillars from the left. Scientists create special phone to dial up chatty frogs in

Find Buried [DVD] at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Playback Region 2:This will not play on most DVD players sold in the U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda. See other These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. The Hitman's Bodyguard [DVD].

In the Whittleton Creek mission in the Hitman 2, In addition to eliminating two targets, Agent 47 must also find three different clues about Janus himself, his relationship with Constant and the planned date of their meeting. Our guide will show you the easiest way to the three clues to complete the mission quickly. Lawsuit Documents are in a shed behind the Batty's residence it is adjacent to Nolan Cassidy's house.







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