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Girl meets world fanfiction lucas saves maya

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Hello my lovelies! It is me again, finally bringing you the sequel to Walk Me Home. I think it could be read independently, but you'll definitely get more out of it if you have read the genesis of the story, since I self-reference a few times. Previously in Walk Me Home: Maya and Lucas got together in high school, and have been dating ever since. This story takes place about 10 years after the end of Walk Me Home after the epilogue really so they are all around

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Sorry guys I know this has been a long time in coming but here it is. Hope it's everything you were expecting. The petite blonde looked up. She was sitting against the far wall, in the bathtub. Two empty pill bottles lay on the floor in front of the sink. She held another half empty one in her hand.

I couldn't breathe. Her eyes were unfocused and her forehead was sweating. Her chest was rising and falling uncontrollably. She was frozen. I turned back to Maya. You're just upset. She winced. I took a careful step towards her. She muttered something I couldn't understand. I wanted her in my arms, where I knew she was safe. It glinted in the light, sharp and lethal. Riley gasped. I wanna die! Let me die! I swear, Riley, if you call I'll stab myself right now! It killed me to see her like this.

Maya shook her head and raised the knife. Then she took the knife and drove it down towards her thigh. Adrenaline pumped through my body. Time stopped. I dove across the bathroom and my body slammed Maya into the shower wall. The sickening crunch of her bones against the wall made me feel awful.

Was I doing the right thing? We wrestled, me trying to get the knife from her hands. She was strong. She was hyped up on the pills. I heard a scream and then felt a searing pain in my arm. I suddenly felt nauseous. But I looked away too long. She hit the wall and fell backwards. I dove to try to break her fall. She fell back and hit her head on the tub faucet.

She gasped for breath and her eyes began to unfocus. Blood began to soak through her shirt. Her lips were turning blue and I could see the blood backing up in her throat. I hadn't stopped her.

This was where it all ended. She had stabbed herself, drugged herself, hated herself. And why couldn't I have stopped her? Why didn't I make a difference? Was I not enough for her?

Or maybe it wasn't me. Maybe it was that this world was too harsh, too awful for the rare and beautiful souls like Maya Hart to thrive in. The world killed them off. And I would never forgive the world if it got to Maya before it was too late. I looked down at Lucas as he sat in the chair.

We were in a curtained section of the hospital down in the minor emergency treatment wing. He was getting his arm stitched up. Both of us were just hanging on by a thread. Maya had been rushed into surgery the minute she arrived at the hospital. Lucas was sent down to this wing and I had agreed to go with him since they kept denying my participation in Maya's surgery.

You tried your hardest. She's going to be fine. Didn't you? That's what we're here for is to protect her. I failed. I tried not to watch. You stopped her from taking more pills. My phone rang and I saw that it was from Farkle. I answered it quickly. Lucas already felt terrible. He didn't need to be reminded. I gave Farkle the details of how to find us, then hung up quickly.

The nurses were cleaning off the remaining blood on Lucas' arm. I couldn't believe I was bringing it up. It still hurt a little to hear those words. I had thought of he and I together for the majority of my tween years. But it had been officially cleared up.

He loved Maya and I knew that Maya loved him. All that was left was for me to move on. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Maya gets the news and it changes everything. She has to change so many things and begins to realize what's important in her life and what she really needs to make her happy. And her friends' true loving characters shine through in her dark time.

Maya's eyes widened. Where's Maya? Where's Lucas? Lucas is getting his arm stitched. Had to make sure. It's Maya. It always was Maya.

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Lucas must choose one of us then the other girl can't get hurt so everybody is happy. How has it gone too far? You know I won't ever betray you. You know that today will be fine.

Riley saw the forest spinning. She felt herself fall deep into the forest, calling after Maya.

Written for Mireille. You owe me money, yet you dare blackmail me into writing some terrible, half-assed smut? We shall see who has the last laugh, my dear. Ages are roughly , just fyi. Disclaimer: It's a good thing I don't own GMW, because hotdamn, if I did, all you would be seeing is Lucas and Maya screwing on desks and against walls and shit when they get older.

Please leave reviews and suggestions, not only for my writing but also for the story line its self. We ride the subway to school, have every class together, ride back to her house on the subway and spend the rest of the evening sitting at the bay window in her room. My best friend. My soul sister. The one person that can center me. The one person that can keep me from doing things I shouldn't. We had just been shopping for our Halloween costumes and now we were ready for food. You promised! You haven't spent a night at my house in weeks and I miss you!

Missy Bradford's Annual Kickoff Party was the back-to-school event to attend. Every incoming sophomore was invited, and even a few of the upperclassmen said they were going. It was going to be a total rager, with no adults, and tons of alcohol. It was August 19th, two weeks before the school year was officially set to begin, and Riley Matthews and Maya Hunter formerly Hart had already received their invites via text message.

Every story will be different but will obviously be Lucaya.

AN: Hey everyone! A huge thank you to everyone who followed, faved or especially reviewed the first 3 chapters. You really inspired me to continue this story. I know that a lot of you must hate me bc Maya got kidnapped :.

Lucaya AU one-shot song-fic. Little Maya Hart has had a hard life, with an alcoholic and abusive father, her life seems to be a dead end. Her friend Lucas Friar shines a little shred of hope, but hope breeds eternal misery. Lucaya, Rucas.

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Sorry guys I know this has been a long time in coming but here it is. Hope it's everything you were expecting. The petite blonde looked up. She was sitting against the far wall, in the bathtub. Two empty pill bottles lay on the floor in front of the sink.

Aren't you ready to go? Maya just stared at her for a moment. Riley's brows furrowed. What could you possibly have done to get detention? Maya straightened and shrugged. That was sort of fun. Beside, we already figured out that you're the good one between the two of us. So you're going to go to Topanga's with the guys and I am going

May 9, - So when Lucas receives a text from Maya, he automatically gets worried. Can you blame him? Maya isn't the type to leave class for anything. She.

Maya felt her heart plummet as she met Lucas' level gaze. She narrowed her eyes slightly, searching his eyes for any sight of mirth, or even deception, anything really that could reassure her that he was not serious about what he had just said. She found no sign of it. Searching Lucas' face Maya saw nothing but complete honestly there, and she forced herself to purse his lips into something resembling annoyance in order to mask what she was truly feeling. If she had to define the chilling feeling running through her at this moment, she would label it as a monumental shift.

Maya sunk to the ground as tears streamed down her face. She wrapped her arms around her bent knees as the chilly, autumn wind nipped at her skin. Her mangled hair blew around in every direction, revealing her makeup smeared face. Maya was just walking home.

I always knew it was my job to keep the group of friends safe, healthy, and happy. I was their moral compass. But as the years went on, I adopted upon myself the responsibility of making extra sure that Maya was safe.

She's been avoiding him since the trip to the ski lodge.

She sat there, looking at him. All she wanted to do was look at him forever, draw him, hold him, kiss him. But she had to say goodbye. It was the only thing left to do to save everything.



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