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It's been too long guys, too long. Anyway, first chapter of Stitches! No schedule for this story, though. The next time I update may even be next month, but I'll try my best. The summer sun peeked through Riley Mathew's bedroom curtains.

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The Matthews Family

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Hi everyone, this is just an AN for your information. And also an index page if you forgot where you left off or which chapter is which. I've decided that my story will be separated into five parts. I hope you guys will stick around and continue to support Girl Meets Unexpected. From the titles of the parts, I guess you have an idea of what I'm going to write in later chapters.

If you have any ideas for any of these titles, you can tell me through a review or PM. I will keep on updating this page as the story progresses so stay tuned. Updates are whenever I can because middle school is hard work and I also tend to get distracted. This story is also going to touch more sensitive issues from Part 3 so I'm sorry if I offend anyone reading this.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Set kind of after Girl Meets Rileytown. Not exactly a sequel to the episode but is touching it after a few chapters.

What if Maya isn't with Riley on the subway to school? Why isn't she there? What will happen? Accidents happen. Guilt happens. A lot of stuff that I'm not saying, happens because I don't want to ruin the story for you. Oh and later, Rucas happens. Part 3: In Progress.

Part 1: The Accident Completed Thanks Everyone. AN: FYI 2. Part 1: Girl Meets Unexpected 3. Part 1: Girl Meets Accident 4. Part 1: Girl Meets Deep Slumber 5. Part 1: Girl Meets Amnesia 6. Part 1: Girl Meets Regrets 7. Part 1: Girl Meets Welcome Back 9.

Part 2: Girl Meets BoyBrother 2 Part 2: Girl Meets Story and Talks Part 2: Girl Meets Bully Part 2: Girl Meets Comfort 1 Part 2: Girl Meets Comfort 2 Part 2: Girl Meets Comfort 3 Part 2: Girl Meets Comfort 4 Part 3: Girl Meets Maya Knows The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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Hey guys! I'm glad you liked the last chapter! Guess what? I was looking at some old "Elliot" interviews with Teo Halm and I'm pretty sure Maya was supposed to be a love interest for Elliot.

Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler are discouraged when a serial rapist that was identified by three victims goes free. His M. When Riley Matthews, daughter of Topanga and Cory Matthews, is his latest victim, Olivia and Elliot set out to capture him, and they are after his blood.

Okay, this is really weird, but the prologue of this story was in a dream of mine, and I have no idea where it can from. But yeah. As soon as I woke up I thought, hmm, that would make a cool fan fiction! So here it is.

I've noticed that there are not many fanfics incorporating the older brother, Elliot, who was unfortunately cut-off the show. And since this is fanfiction where you can write about any show to your heart's desire I decided why not bring back Elliot. I was inspired by the fanfic Big Brother by theausllyrucasgirl which is one of my top favorite fanfics write now so thank you so much for writing such an awesome story. A typical Saturday. The kids are home, the parents are off from work, and it's time to relax until the week starts again. Maya is at the Mathew's, as usual, Auggie's at Ava's, Topanga is off doing some cleaning in her bedroom, and Cory is grading papers while watching T. It seems as if nothing can go wrong today until a knock came to the door. He opens the door to see a young boy about fourteen with dark brown hair and matching eyes with a one-shoulder backpack on him and a suitcase by his feet. Cory eyes the boy up and down while the boy smiles and is about to say something until Cory cuts him off by screaming and slamming the door in his face. Cory slowly backs away from the door with fear written across his face.

So let me know what you think and if you want me to continue. Another year had started, which meant that school would be starting which meant that it had been a little over a year now that Lucas and Riley had split from Maya, Zay, Farkle and Elliot's friendship group and found a new friends with the popular kids. Riley and Elliot were sitting at the table talking with their family as Topanga made them pancakes for breakfast. Corey drove up to school with Riley and Elliot in the backseat both still not talking to each other. The car was silent the rest of the way to school.

I really thought I would have to use the app because my computer has been glitching like crazy. But it's better now.

If you're like me Riley Matthews, then nothing ever makes sense to you in the world. And if you're like me then your curiosity always gets the best of you. Well I'm gonna tell a story and it's a lot to take in so stay with me.

Hope you enjoy. I might be slow on updates because I have been having really bad period cramps. Hey Losers.

Hello, my fellow readers. Well, first off, let me just say about Girl Meets Triangle, I thought it was a very good, loved Maya on the episode. Sabrina Carpenter nailed it. I'm not going to spoil the ending though but I hate how it ended. And Adventures in Babysitting what do I have to say about the movie? I liked it.

This is the second one shot in the Big Brother one shot series. Hopefully you guys didn't forget about it. Little Janie Friar hopped along her balcony in excitement. Riley looked out towards her, and could see her light shirt on her pale body. Normally, Riley would've told her to put on a jacket, but it wasn't very cold out today. For late October, the weather was oddly room temperatured, there in New York. Janie, who was now 6 years old, turned around to look at her mom, then ran back into the apartment to hug her.

Feb 1, - Riley, her brother Elliot. Maya, Farkle, and Lucas would be starting the forsay best four years of their lives. The clock on Riley's bedside table read.

Okay, so I know most stories end by the time the baby is born if that happens in the story, but luckily, there are still some things I want to happen after this in the story, such as the Shaty wedding. Afterwards, I'm thinking maybe a sequel, but no promises. I still have to see what I can do for a sequel and if it'll work. Maybe there will be one, you never know! Anyways, this chapter goes out to Littlebitnerdy for giving me ideas for middle names.

My parents stared blankly at me. We're talking about Elliot, now is he your son or not! My dad's eyes widened and I could see my mom's eyes began to flood with tears.

Hi everyone, this is just an AN for your information. And also an index page if you forgot where you left off or which chapter is which. I've decided that my story will be separated into five parts.

So, this is my mom and dad.




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