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Girl meets boy carrying eastern cloth crossword clue

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Today's Question - An old Sr. Partner decided to really test a hotshot job applicant. He said - "My son is 24 years younger than I am.

My grandson is 25 years younger than my son. My age plus my grandson's age equals 73 years. If you want the job tell me how old I am. Today's Question - What's my handicap - Bob and Ross ran a race of yards. Bob won by 10 yards. Ross proposed they race again but Bob should start 10 yards back.

Thus Bob had to run yards while Ross ran All things being equal - who won? Today's Question - Work smarter not harder - If 6 people can paint 9 landscapes in a day and a half Today's Question - It was for a good cause anyway — With a break in the artic chill, half the floor turned out to watch a charity mini-marathon. Mike finished in front of Pete but behind Rich.

Dan finished in front of Ed but behind Pete. What was the order of finish? Today's Question - Around the water cooler there was a great debate about who made the best calzone - a meat and cheese filled baked item. They agreed to each bring samples Tuesday. Sam brought some. Jack brought one more than that.

Harry brought one more than Jack. Bob missed his train and showed up empty handed. He said he'd pay for his share. The four of them split the 12 calzones evenly. They figured each calzone was worth a dollar. Who paid what to whom? The total votes cast were 8, Larry won beating Sal by votes, beating Charles by and Ivan by How many votes did each candidate get?

Today's Question - You recall the old children's code of substituting a number for a letter. Well here is the opposite - each letter represents a number.

Can you solve this addition problem? Today's Question - How old are you? Two people are comparing ages. Bob is three times as old as Bill. But in two years Bob will only be twice as old as Bill. How old is each?? Today's Question - "Don't hold dinner dear!

As he gets off the train, he twists his ankle and must ride the rest of the way in a farmers cart which travels half as fast as he walks. Would he have been home sooner or later if he had walked all the way. You don't need a calculator. Today's Question - Here are clues for pairs of words that are different by only one letter.

Number of letters in parens. A pen, cover 5, 5 ; B release, up to 5, 5 ; C delete, far off 6, 6 ; D seek, stiffen 6, 6. He excused himself from the meeting hoping to get to the floor by He thought his watch was 10 minutes slow but it was 15 minutes fast. What time did he get to the floor? Today's Question - Stay in line please! Today's Question - Hey! Wait a minute! This ruler has no numbers on it! The square holds 3 pints more than the bowl shaped.

The round bottle holds 4 pints more than the square shaped. How could you use these 3 bottles to measure exactly 1 quart of water into a pail? Hint: It's less than 10 moves but remember you do not know the full capacity of any of the bottles. Today's Question - There are six water pails in a row. The three on the left are full. The three on the right are empty. Today's Question - Kevin is a big West Point sports fan. He is invited into an informal fraternity of Army fans.

To pass the initiation, he must pass the "Black and Gold" test. He is presented with three cloth bags, each is marked "Black"; "Gold" and "Either". One bag contains only black coins, one only gold coins and the third bag has both.

He is told all the bags are incorrectly marked. Assuming he cannot see beyond the coin he chooses - what is the fewest number of choices he must make to re-label the bags correctly?

Today's Corner K 3. What are these capitals and what are their states? Today's Question - Name Santa's Reindeer. Bonus Question - An actor once won an Oscar for playing Santa. Who was it? And in what film? Today's Question - Little Linda started her Christmas shopping.

When she came home, she told mom that half her money was gone in the first hour. It was then that she noticed that she now had as many cents as she had dollars when she started but she had only half as many dollars as she had cents when she began. How much did she spend?

There are 16 pound boxes and 17 pound boxes and boxes of 23, 24, 39 and 40 pounds. A client comes in and asks for pounds of cookies. Without breaking up any boxes, how close can Bernard come?

Today's Question - How many total gifts did the true love give on the 12th day of Christmas? Today's Questions - Bob Crachit was told to work by candle. He also had to recycle. If he melted down 5 candle stubs he got 1 whole candle. Therefore, if he collected 25 stubs, how many days would it last assuming 1 candle per day leaves 1 stub per day. Today's Question - An encore classic to prepare for the holiday season - Ann is stranded in a mountain cabin with her husband who has just been bitten by a venomous snake.

Just before the phone went dead, the doctor told her the only way to save him was with a poultice that must be boiled exactly 15 minutes no more, no less. Ann has no watch, clock, radio or other means to time things. She does have 2 mini-hour glasses, one runs 11 minutes, the other runs 7 minutes. How does she time 15 minutes exactly? Da boys were talking about how they were still in shape. One pot-bellied participant challenged the loudest claimant.

It was very easy. Do you know how? Today's Question - Capital Punishment - We already know you memorized the state capitals in grammar school.

So, you should be able to answer this without looking anything up. There are four state capitals that begin with the same letter as their state. What are they? Today's Corner Answer - Thanksgiving is on a Thursday because - Well in a way - because that's when the Pilgrims had it. Not at first of course - the First Thanksgiving was a three-day event.

Then for many decades it was different days in different places.

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What they want is so big, it's hard to get your eye around at first. Their struggle is with the world--will it let them lose their loneliness? My first thought on being asked to write about teenage sexuality was "oh, leave the kids alone! But that phrase --"teenage sexuality"--makes me think of committee meetings, recommendations, editorials on condom distribution or parental notification. I don't have any theories about this "problem" of teenage sexuality.

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The British crossword is a linguistic workout, none more so than the cryptic. Can you solve our 10 clues? The crossword is that rare thing: a healthy addiction. In the wake of countless immigrations and invasions, and later, as the empire borrowed and stole from around the globe, the English language became a unique jumble, where any given thing might have different names, and any word might mean many things. The cryptic crossword, however, takes this to brain-bending new places. The moment of enlightenment is a mental hit — a compulsive one. The cryptic-curious are often aware that puzzles will demand anagrams and acrostics, and despair of ever knowing what to look out for.

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Petersburg and is now Leningrad. They were members—or, in a few instances, guests—of Everyman Opera, Inc. The Astoria Hotel, to which the company was driven in chartered buses from the Leningrad terminal Thursday morning, is situated on the impressive expanse of St. It is an Intourist hotel, which means that it is run by the Soviet government agency that is in charge of all hotels where foreigners are permitted to stay. The Astoria claims—justifiably, it would seem—to be the best hotel in Leningrad.

Today's Question - An old Sr. Partner decided to really test a hotshot job applicant.

Writer and broadcaster David Astle creates crosswords for Fairfax newspapers under the initials DA, which fans say stand for "Don't Attempt". But Astle said anyone could attempt cryptic crosswords with a little knowledge of how they worked. Here he gives seven clues, each one an example of a common cryptic crossword recipe. The best way to get started on a cryptic crossword, Astle said, was to look for the shortest clue.

Porgy and Bess in Russia

Today's crossword puzzle clue is a cryptic one: Girl meets boy carrying eastern cloth. We will try to find the right answer to this particular crossword clue. Here are the possible solutions for "Girl meets boy carrying eastern cloth" clue. It was last seen in British cryptic crossword.


Cryptic crosswords too confusing? Decipher them with these seven common clue recipes


I used to think of all the kids I interviewed--skinheads, black Muslim girls, bullies, The saddest thing I've ever heard from a boy or girl was from a year-old in a their crossword puzzle, like my mother, then I made sure that was maintained. The popular image of Islam remains Middle Eastern; the women are ghostly.


How to solve a cryptic crossword – crack 10 of our clues







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