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Exotic girl and boy names

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100 Truly Exotic Girl Names For Your Baby

You can choose from this list and get some unique options that will stand out among the rest. You will be able to choose from this list of exotic female names and give your little one a unique experience in life.

Giving her an exotic name is a great way to ensure nobody forgets her in a hurry and she can proudly stand out among a crowd. Thus, choose from this wonderful and beautiful list of names and let your daughter have a name she can be proud of. Some of these names have been around for centuries while a few have grown in popularity over the last few years. No matter the name, go with your gut and give your little one something that is easy to pronounce yet unique enough that everybody will remember it every time they meet her.

If your child arrived on a Thursday, Aba is a popular name. Acadia is a unique name for a baby girl. The name is derived from Acadia, which is a region in the New France colony near Canada. Agatha is a Greek name that became popular during the Norman Conquest in England. A Kenyan name that is a popular choice for many parents is Akello. It is a nice and different name you can give your little one.

A truly exotic sounding name, Akila has grown in popularity over the years. An Arabic-origin name, Amina is a beautiful and exotic name that has gained popularity. Your little angel needs to have a name that represents her sweet nature, and Angelika is a cute name that you can choose. An exotic name that has a lot of French influence, Antoinette is a feminine form of the name, Anthony.

An attractive sounding version of Beatrice, Beatriz is a common name among many Hispanic parents. Bernadette is the name of a saint who once saw visions of Virgin Mary. Bette is a slight variation on one of the most popular names, Betty. It is a nice, shortened version of the name. Camilla was the name of a huntress who could run over fields without bending a single blade of grass.

A variation of the name Candace, Candie is another popular name for your baby and it is exotic sounding. An exotic name you can definitely choose for your baby girl is Carina. Chanel is an exotic and elegant name for your little one, inspired by the fashion brand.

A name that has a hint of Roman splendour, Claudia Is an exotic name for a baby girl, for you to choose. A sophisticated and stylish Spanish name that goes excellently with surnames. It is a feminine version of the name Darcy. Dita is a variation of the Czech name, Edith. Elise is another exotic and popular name that has been around since the 19th century.

A female version of the name Frances, Francesca is another stylish name for your little one. Francoise is a feminine form of the name Franciscus.

Gabriella is the feminine version of the name Gabriel. Guilia is an Italian-inspired name that has a unique-sounding ring to it. It has slowly become a popular name among American parents as well.

An uncommon and pretty name for Kenyans is Hamisi. A name that has been the epitome of beauty since forever, Helen is one of the top names you can give your little girl. It is a unique name to give your little one. Ines is the Spanish version of the name Agnes. It is an exotic girl name that starts with J. Kady is a nice variation of the name Katy. It can also be a short form of the name Kadence.

Kaira is another popular name to choose and it has Scandinavian origins. Kaleia is a beautiful name with Hawaiin origins. A popular American name, Kiera can also be spelt as Keira and is a popular option for many parents.

Krishna is a sweet and beautiful name and has ancient origins in Hindu mythology. It is the name of a beloved God in Hindu culture and is a sweet name for your little girl. A shortened version of the popular name, Olivia, Liv is a short and sweet name for your little girl. A beautiful name for your little girl. Maile is an exotic-sounding name that sounds similar to Miley, with a little twist.

An excellent and exotic choice, Marisol is a name that is inspired by the sea and sun, combining elements from both. Mumbi is one name that is both unique and meaningful. Nova is a Latin name and a wonderful choice for a little girl. Nova is the astronomical star and is said to evoke feelings of newness.

Penelope is a popular name that has grown in popularity after actress Penelope Cruz came into the limelight. A soothing and calm name for your little one, Ruth was one of the most popular names in the late 19th Century. Sarah is a traditional and exotic name. Selena is a popular name and grew in popularity after the emergence of Selena Gomez. It is a great name if you want to look at something ancient.

Sofia is an elegant and cute name for a baby girl. It is an exotic name that was inspired by an empress from Iran. Definitely a beautiful name for your little princess. Svana is a name that sounds similar to Ivana. It is also the shorter version of Natalia. Tawney is an exotic and cool sounding name.

Tevy is a unique and rare name for your little girl. It is exotic and definitely a name your little one would be happy with.

If you want to stick to traditional yet beautiful names, Valentina is a nice option. A name that means gentility and refinement, Victoria grew in popularity after the British monarch.

Exotic & Unique Baby Names For Girls

More: This printable guide is about to solve all your baby-naming squabbles. Whether you are searching for a baby name that reflects your native culture or just love the sound of an exotic name, you are sure to find the perfect name in our list below. The second largest country in South America next to Brazil, Argentina is known for exotic dances like the tango and cities like Buenos Aires.

Exotic girl names come from all corners of the globe, each with their own unique sense of style and meaning. Check out our list of exotic girl names below.

Polish baby names are rooted in deep meaning and have an old-world feel for both boys and girls. Whether you're of Polish descent or just looking for an exotic baby name , there are plenty of choices for you. All female Polish names end in "a" so they are clearly distinguished from male names. Most Polish names for girls are feminine versions of boy names with the "a" added onto the end.

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Today, when soon-to-be parents are searching for a name for their babies, they will often go online in search of the best names, for either a boy or a girl. However, their mission on such lists are not always the same, since some parents search for the most popular names, others want the most unique names, while others just want a name that will sound just right for their babies. Of course, when choosing names for their little ones, most parents tend to lean more towards names of famous actors, musicians, or athletes, possibly because they would want their little ones to grow up to be like their namesakes. However, it is very important for parents to remember that their babies are unique human beings with unique capabilities, and they should push them towards becoming the best versions of themselves, as opposed to trying to be like someone else. Parents in search of names that are sure to impress everyone around them have to search deeper and longer that those who just want popular names, because hardly will common names cause any excitement these days. Such parents might even have to come up with their own unique names, or search for names from communities in different parts of the world. Here are some amazing ideas for moms looking for uncommon but stunning names for their little ones. These names are not only unique, but they will impress everyone who gets to hear them.

Explore the Wonders of Exotic Girl Names

Not only is Spanish second most popular language in the world, but the monikers also sound extremely exotic. Alvera Meaning: Speaker of truth. Antonia Meaning: Invaluable. Catalina Meaning: The Spanish form of Katherine; it means pure. Damita Meaning: Baby Princess.

You can choose from this list and get some unique options that will stand out among the rest.

Harlem Renaissance author Zora Neale Hurston her claim to fame is the classic Their Eyes Were Watching God had a relatively popular name back when she was born, but it's just reentering the top now. Browse More Strong Female Names. If the past is destined to repeat itself, this unisex name is definitely making a comeback in Billie hit peak popularity in the s when it almost broke into the top , and we have a feeling it's about to do it again thanks to Billie Eilish.

50 Exotic & Unique Names for Your Baby Girl

Girl names that mean speed. We define them below! Aaron: Hebrew — Enlightened.


Getting Pregnant. Popular links under Baby Baby Month by Month. Popular links under Toddler Toddler Month by Month. Baby Products. Get the Bump App. Exotic Baby Names baby names.

100 Unique Exotic Names for Baby Girls

Imagine a name that has a sound of grandeur and exquisiteness! Finding such names can be quite a task, and to make that easy, MomJunction brings you a list of exotic baby girl names! Check out our list below. Philomena is an earthy Greek name that enjoys popularity across the globe. The exotic girl names is unique. The Latin name Nova, just like the meaning of this name, gives a feel of newness. Nova is also an astronomical name for a star. Do you want a name for your child that will make her stand out in the crowd?

Feb 6, - It's time to finalise on names if your child is a boy or girl, and making a list of cute names is a great way to heighten the excitement. If you've given.

The internet is brimming with baby name possibilities, but for an expectant mom about to need to finally pick a name, none of them are ever enough. Rather than going with a popular and trendy name, opt instead for an exotic baby girl name. It will help your little princess stand out and shine brightly on her own. When picking the perfect baby name, the last thing that we want as parents is to go for a now that ten other kids will have on the same playground. Many of these exotic baby girl names come from various other countries and cultures, but the best part about them is that they nearly all have exemplary meanings that are sure to give your little one the best start in your life.

Exotic baby names are the perfect choice for parents searching for names that have a worldly sound to them. If you want a name that is more unique than the All-American names of Jacob and Emily, check out some of our favorite exotic girl names and boy names. Irish baby names are a popular choice for American parents searching for a unique name.






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