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Best looking female exo destiny 2

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Melon Music Awards

Vanguard The City. Hunter Gunslinger Way of a Thousand Cuts. Cayde-6 was an Exo Guardian and the Vanguard for the Hunter class. In Destiny Cayde-6 sold Hunter armor and emblems. Like most Exo , Cayde remembers little about his past before the Collapse. However, he remembers enough to provide substantial information, albeit he admits the order is out of sync. Cayde used to be a human soldier with a large debt over his head, when he was approached by Clovis Bray to have his debt removed.

The job offer itself isn't explicitly stated, but what Cayde remembers next is coming to Enceladus where he was converted into an Exo. Cayde's Letter Fragments in Destiny 2 reveal that Cayde had a wife and a son whom he nicknamed "Ace", he threw his life away from gambling, and that his only means of escape was to sell himself to Clovis Bray's Exo program.

Next, he remembers being assigned as a security officer to the Ishtar Collective , where his job was to look after Dr. Maya Sundaresh. Though he wished to get to know her better, she barely noticed him. Afterward, he remembers being restrained by a shadowy creature on a destroyed world, followed by another memory which he describes as not his own.

He would later admit that he's not sure if his wife and son were real. Inside, he encountered a huge horde of Hive consisting of Thralls , Knights , and Wizards and promptly retreated. The Hive pursued him to the surface, and Cayde cut down many Thrall before running out of ammo for his machine gun.

The Hive pushed back both Cayde and the Baron onto a hill with an old interferometry array on top of it. Fighting together, the two killed most of the Hive, and Cayde eventually climbed the array to get an angle on the Wizards and saw the Baron kill a Knight but lose her blades in the process. From his perch, Cayde exhausted the rest of his ammo, but only one Wizard and a line of Thrall remained.

After climbing back down, Cayde saw the Baron was badly wounded and he wondered how many people she had murdered. The Baron then tossed her last Shock Pistol to Cayde, but when he went to grab it she attempted to stab him. However, she was slow and Cayde easily dodged her, and he proceeded to break her arms and slit her throat.

Cayde wondered if the Baron had truly wanted to kill him or if she did that to make his choice about ending her easier. Cayde proceeded to use the Shock Pistol to kill the remaining Hive.

Cayde attended the funeral of the Warlock Albios on the moon of Io. Although he liked Albios, Cayde quickly grew bored during the long service and made a bet with Banshee that he could pull off several high-risk jumps on the nearby mesas. He won the bet, although he broke both his legs completing the jumps. Cayde hid his winnings in one of his hidden caches in the mesas.

Cayde-6 was once a daring and adventurous Guardian, so of course, he couldn't say no to a challenge - not even the notorious Vanguard Dare. He lost the bet, to his immense regret.

It is implied the bet was on who could kill the Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred , but Cayde took over as the Hunter Vanguard when his predecessor and close friend, Andal Brask , was murdered by the mercenary. Though Cayde serves dutifully, he yearns to return to the field, in particular having his eyes set on the mythical Vault of Glass.

He welcomed them to the Tower, provided them with Glimmer , basic provisions, and advice before suggesting that they get a new weapon from Banshee , although he was impressed that they had escaped from the Cosmodrome using the Khvostov 7G While speaking with the Guardian, he mused that most new Guardians never returned from the moon, before remembering that they were also new and quickly reassuring them he was sure they would be fine. He praised the Exo's ability to kill Fallen Kells but noted that Saint was also crazy.

Shaxx took exception to that, claiming that eccentricity was one of Saint's strengths, causing Cayde to point out that Saint had claimed to see the future of a Guardian savior which inspired him during the Battle of Six Fronts. He proceeded to mock the idea that one Guardian could turn things around for humanity's struggle against their enemies.

Shaxx then left to watch the Crucible debut the new Guardian from Old Russia, who Cayde joked could be the savior Saint had foreseen and that they could call them "Crota's End". Cayde later learned that that Guardian had ventured into the Ishtar Collective on Venus and gathered information on Vex Gate Lord 's as part of a deal with the Awoken in the Reef to gain access to the Black Garden. He admitted to the Guardian that he and the rest of the Vanguard were concerned about the Vex, but that the information they had recovered gave him hope they could be defeated.

However, he also cautioned them about deals with the Awoken, noting that Queen Mara Sov always collected what she was owed. Concerned about what Aksor could do if he recovered from his imprisonment, Cayde ordered the Guardian to lead a strike team and assassinate the Archon to claim the Queen's bounty on him.

When they succeeded, Cayde contacted the Guardian and expressed concerns over the Fallen having located the Prison of Elders and feared that they could rescue more imprisoned Fallen.

However, he put those concerns to the side and stated that now was a time to celebrate one more dead Archon. Upon learning that the Guardian had breached the Cabal 's exclusion zone and entered the Blind Legion 's warbase, Cayde congratulated them and planned on telling everyone about their mission, knowing that no one would believe him and he could win a lot of bets.

He also revealed that he was betting a thousand glimmer on the Guardian dying in their mission to destroy the heart of the Black Garden, but reassured them it was nothing personal. Cayde was intrigued by the reports from the mission, and believed there was a connection between the Vex invasion of Mars, the Vault of Glass , and the Black Garden.

Alongside Zavala, Ikora, and dozens of other Guardians, Cayde gathered in the Tower's plaza to hear the Speaker's address on this victory over the Darkness. He questioned if this information came from the Hidden , but Zavala told him it was an old Osiris riddle. Cayde commented that both seemed to like the same thing now, and wondered what "undying" meant for a Vex mind. Zavala resolved that they should find out, and a strike was authorized to eliminate the axis mind.

Cayde-6 plays an important role in The Taken King , aiding the Guardians by forming a plan to infiltrate the Dreadnaught. For the remainder of the war, he worked with Eris, much to their mutual distaste but nonetheless cooperated to bring down Oryx.

By the next Festival of the Lost , Eris still holds a grudge against Cayde for losing her ship, for which he tries to make it up to her. However, she won't accept his apology unless Cayde finds her a new ship. During the Dawning holiday, Cayde "volunteers" his aid and support to Ikora Rey and the Guardians when they are called to defeat old foes that returned, Omnigul and Sekrion, Nexus Mind. Though he did support the Guardians, Ikora knew that Cayde was only volunteering his support to get out of directing a team of Hunters that didn't like him.

Even so, he congratulates the Guardians for ridding the system of old foes. Recently Cayde made a bet with Lord Shaxx regarding the outcome of a Crucible match.

Having won, he forced Shaxx to train some of the City's children to play dodgeball. Though Shaxx tried to pay him off, he chose the idea of annoying him over Glimmer. Confident he would win again, he was distracted enough for one of Shaxx's charges to show off their stealth training by sneaking up on him and hitting him with a dodgeball. Embarrassed that he was taken by surprise, Cayde offered Shaxx a ride back to the Tower. As the rest of the City prepared to celebrate, Cayde arrived at the Hall of Guardians to meet with Zavala and Ikora and inquired if he had been summoned for a practical joke.

Zavala quickly got him to be serious, and after Ikora revealed that all of their Skyline Defense Systems had been sabotaged, Cayde reported that the communications system had also been malfunctioning. Ikora then stated that the Last City's satellites were reporting nothing, which Cayde believed was good until she informed them that they were reporting nothing because they were no longer there.

A massive Cabal fleet then emerged from the storm clouds surrounding the Last City and fired dozens of missiles at the Tower. Cayde used his Golden Gun to shoot down several, but was then teleported by Ikora into Zavala's Ward of Dawn just before falling debris crushed him.

Surviving the Red Legion 's assault, Cayde began fighting their legionaries throughout the Tower. As he used his Golden Gun to kill three legionaries, he encountered the Young Wolf and happily greeted them. Cayde informed them that Zavala was rallying Guardians in the plaza, but that he would not be joining them and was planning on finding the Cabal commander and killing them.

He then leapt through a hole in the ceiling and entered his ship. Later in the battle, Cayde was contacted for a status update by Zavala. He informed the Titan he was low on ammo and asked if there was any word from Ikora, and was told by Zavala that she had not been heard from since she went after the Cabal who captured the Speaker. Cayde was fighting alongside Lord Shaxx in an unknown area of the City when the Cabal activated the Traveler Cage [20] , despite the loss of the Light , Cayde continued to fight and remained in the city despite the Cabal occupation [21].

Seeking to take down Ghaul and feeling like Zavala and Ikora would fail to take action against the Cabal, Cayde accessed a still-functioning Vanguard Terminal and asked the Terminal for advice on how to kill Ghaul, after a brief conversation with the Terminal, Cayde decided to seek a Vex teleporter to help him accomplish his goal. Despite Failsafe's warnings, Cayde activated the device, causing him to become trapped in an endless teleportation loop.

Succeeding in doing so, Cayde ended up on Exodus Black , but a large Fallen force was enclosing on their position. Thankfully, the Guardian arrived and routed the Fallen, meeting up with Cayde and providing him with the device he sought. Cayde is, at first, only interested in doing his sole mission of killing Ghaul but quickly changes his mind after hearing that Zavala "needed" him.

Before departing, Cayde gives the Guardian a lead on where to find Ikora Ray; he states that they should head to Io , as he believes she would travel there for answers. Meeting up with his comrades on Earth at The Farm , they discuss a strategy in liberating their home and taking down The Almighty warship that will destroy their system's sun if not stopped.

Zavala plans to have the Guardian infiltrate the Almighty to permanently disable the warship while the Vanguard forces sneak into the Last City as Cayde mentions the Vex teleporter. They would use the device to quickly travel to the Cage to free the Traveler.

Despite the appearance that an all-out attack is doomed to fail, Cayde states that it's worth it no matter what. Suraya Hawthorne enters and provides both the means to get into the City undetected and how to get the Guardian to the Almighty. The Guardian would steal the security pass and ship of Thumos, the Unbroken. Cayde and Zavala guide the Guardian in breaching Thumos' defenses but gets a little jealous that the Guardian gets to use a Drake Tank.

Regardless, the Guardian succeeds in breaching the Cabal's defenses and takes down Thumos. With his ship, the Guardian reaches the Almighty and disables it for good.

On that cue, the Vanguard initiates their attack to liberate the Last City. Cayde uses a pet chicken to stage seven ambushes and later travels past a Cabal checkpoint to set up the Vex teleporter. Cayde encounters trouble while he sets up the device.

As the Guardian returns and races to the Vanguards position, Cayde successfully sets up the device but loses an arm in the process. The Guardian succeeds in using the device to reach Ghaul's command ship, the Almighty, near the Cage and battles with the Dominus.

The Guardian defeats the Cabal dictator and in the chaos, the Traveler awakens who destroys Ghaul forever. In a massive flash, the Light is restored to all Guardians, driving the leaderless Red Legion from the City. With their home reclaimed and the Traveler awake, the Vanguard regroup near the ruins of the Tower.

Congratulating the Guardian, Cayde and his comrades begin their work in rebuilding the City and dealing with the present threats that continue to linger in the System.

KONA ROVE DL 2020年 コナ ローブDL[S-STAGE]

I found it strange that you didn't even get a short blurb during character creation. Of course they could just be keeping all the lore close to the chest before release. I had an Awoken female warlock and an Exo male Titan in the Beta.

Shortly after Destiny originally launched in , we went through and highlighted our favorite looking weapons in the game. Did your favorite make the list? The name derives from an Egyptian god often connected with scarab beetles and the sun, which is appropriate, as many solar gunslingers use the gauntlets for a taste of invisibility.

During The Dark Beyond , she is spotted by the Guardian, looking down at them from the rocks that line the edge of the gorge where they are attempting to gain entrance to the Temple of Crota. During the Guardian's attempt to map the underground network of the Hive fortress on the Moon , the Exo Stranger contacted them from Venus' Northern Hemisphere in the Ishtar region. During her conversation with the Guardian, she communicates with another individual via radio contact, assuring them that she was with the Guardian. After telling the Guardian that they need her help, she explained that the Vex were responsible for bringing them "here" to their current point or situation.

Exo Stranger

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. A collection of moments of the wooing of the Guardian by Saint, and vice versa. Public Bookmark. When you meet someone in a bar, it's rare that anything really ever comes of it. For most Guardians, in fact, the bar is pretty much the most constant part of their lives.

Male Guardian vs. Female Guardian

Moved from my old gallery. Some fan art of Bungies upcoming game Destiny. Image size. See More by I-am-knot.

When I asked editor at large Kirk Hamilton what class to try first in Destiny 2 , he told me that Warlocks have the best clothes. Warlock it was!

Needless to say, I made another friend. I fucked up account migration what killed all my old guardians. Was good friends with Cayde and was impacted badly by his death. Eventually, some talks with Ikora and Petra helped her stop feeling responsible for it.

Steam Linking is here!

Vanguard The City. Hunter Gunslinger Way of a Thousand Cuts. Cayde-6 was an Exo Guardian and the Vanguard for the Hunter class.

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Am I the only one who thinks that all of the armor and gear scales better to the female characters?

Which race will you pick for your first character?

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Sep 9, - The rest of the game is pretty fun, too. You can choose between male and female Exo, but we'd dare you to know the Destiny character 2.

Radiant Melodia. Igo Meijin. Visions Of Zosimos. A delightful spectacle of bouncing.

IYO: What is the best looking gender/race for each class?

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Destiny: Female Exo Warlock

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