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App to find friends while travelling

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Want to know how to meet people while travelling alone? Read on for 11 tips to help you meet people abroad like a pro. Differences such as age become irrelevant and people will surprise you time and time again. And guess what, you are interesting too!

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In high school, we went to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving. I left my textbooks at their house in Indianapolis and had to wait a week to have them shipped back home to me.

On one of our family trips to Denver, I forgot to bring tennis shoes and spent the trip hiking in flip flops. Or how about the time I forgot my brother at the gas station thirty miles back. Every traveler — yes even you — has a vice.

Technology is here to help! There are thousands of great travel apps to assist you in just about every way possible, ensuring an enjoyable and stress-free vacation every time. So next time you pull out the suitcase or set out to plan the trip of a lifetime, try using some of these apps and see what a difference they can make in your life. Stay connected while traveling with these awesome social traveling apps.

Plan the perfect getaway and stay in touch with friends and family. These apps are a must-have, so hurry up and head to the App store! Heading out on a road trip? Waze [1] is a community-updated map that provides motorists with accurate, up-to-date traffic information.

Users can get instant travel tips from millions of other drivers on the road and avoid construction delays, police traps and traffic accidents, or even locate the cheapest gas stations along a certain route. Off Exploring [2] is a great way for the avid traveler to keep track of travel experiences and share them with family and friends back home. This paperless travel journal allows users to blog, upload photos, tag posts with a current location, and book lodging with just one app.

Blogs and photos can easily be shared on several different social media platforms with just one update and posts can be updated without a wi-fi connection and synched later. Users can request a ride with a registered driver in the area and be picked up in minutes. It sounds sketchy, but no worries — every driver is subjected to a thorough background and DMV check and then rated by Lyft passengers. Only the highest rated ones are allowed to drive you. Share these social travel apps with your friends.

With updated resort information for each ski season, users have instant access to trail maps, weather forecasts, snow conditions, powder alerts, slope statistics, discounted lift tickets and directions to ski areas. Pin Drop [5] is a map-based journal that makes it easy to locate points of interest or your car in a ridiculously packed parking lot.

Include a note or picture with each pin to remind you of why each location was pinteresting enough to return there again. Count down the days until that fabulous cruise with Ship Mate [6] , an engaging social app that gives users the ability to keep track of itineraries, get ship information and even chat with other cruisers. Post your cruise countdown to Facebook, access port information like nearby attractions and restaurants, share your cruise photos and much more.

Avoid sifting through all the negative reviews in all capital letters on TripAdvisor and consult the Foodspotter [7] app first. Do you use any of these apps? Add your comments below. WhatsApp [8] is perfect for those traveling internationally or studying abroad who want to stay in touch with family and friends easily without paying for long distance calls or SMS. With WhatsApp, you can create group messages, send photos, videos and share locations from anywhere in the world — all without paying a cent.

This app makes it all too easy to snap a picture, create a beautiful postcard with your smartphone and mail a paper copy to anyone in the world. Postagram delivery in the U. Delivery in the U. Delivery can take up to two or three weeks for other international locations. This social networking app encourages users to create a simple profile so they can share travel photos and tips, video chat or message other users.

TripIt [11] is a convenient, mobile travel planner that helps you keep up with your busy itinerary on the go. This app organizes a personal itinerary for you, texts or emails flight details, syncs your travel plans to a mobile calendar of your choice, auto-imports travel information from your email to your itinerary, and keeps track of all your important travel documents like passports while protecting them with a four-digit pin.

Visiting a new city and need to know where the best free parking is? Ask a stranger. Need a good, cheap hotel? You can even join the community of advice-givers and earn points that can result in real money in your pocket. Travefy [13] is the perfect app for group travel. This app gives you access to a database full of activity, food and lodging ideas and allows you to pin, save and discuss those ideas in a group forum.

Finding hostels or budget lodging has never been easier. Search by city, date and price. View pictures and reviews for each lodging before booking and securely paying straight from your smartphone.

You can use this app to view terrain maps, create your own travel route on a map, view and share travel tips from other users and track stats like elevation and distance while biking, hiking, sailing or driving.

What travel app do you use religiously? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below! Contact Us. Guest Columnists. Make traveling easier while connecting with other adventure seekers like yourself. The 20 Best State Fairs in America. Follow Us. As Seen In.

11 Travel App Friends That Will Ensure You Never Travel “Alone”

Please also share on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest. Thanks for visiting! Photo courtesy of RossHelen via Shutterstock. One of the main differences between a tourist and a traveler is about having real interactions with the people around you.

Adventurous Kate contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. One of the questions I get asked most often is how I make so many friends while traveling on my own.

Not all solo travellers travel alone by choice. Previously, I wrote about what to look for when trying to pick the right travel companion. I met my good friend Lisa 13 years ago through a now defunct website called VirtualTourist. From finding somebody to have coffee with at your destination, to a local giving you an afternoon tour of their city, to someone you can join for an entire trip, here are 12 ways to find travel buddies online, through websites, apps, and social media.

How to Make Friends and Meet People While Traveling

Why not just "be friendly" and "say hi" to new people that you meet? If you're like me, you crave context before striking up a conversation as a solo traveler. You want to know something about the person, have a common subject of conversation, and, ideally, have already corresponded through a website or e-mail before meeting. With such a context established, people like us feel more prepared, confident, and relaxed in our socializing. Here are the 20 best non-awkward ways I've discovered to meet new people while traveling solo, whether internationally or in your own country. My two female hosts picked me up from the airport, drove me to their apartment, put me up in their spare guest room with its own bed , fed me dinner, suggested a few places to check out tomorrow, gave me my own set of house keys they had to work early tomorrow , and encouraged me to have a good day. Obviously, I was sold. Here's my profile. Couchsurfing hosts are some of the coolest and most generous people on earth.

Why the Friends You Meet Travelling Are For Life

Do you remember the hotels and hostels? Do you remember the bars? Could you tell me about the trains you took, the medieval churches, or any of the city parks? And perhaps you do remember the hotels and hostels.

In high school, we went to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving.

Experiencing another culture on your own terms, at your own pace, with a budget of your own choosing can be an incredibly rewarding and insightful adventure. But while some may find such a journey liberating, others might worry about safety or a period of solitude in a strange, unfamiliar place. Humans, after all, are social animals. There are local communities to safely interact with as well as fellow globe-trotters in a similar position.

How to Make Friends While Traveling Solo

Imagine you land in a new country, and immediately an attractive local whisks you away to the best, unknown spots in the city. You eat at non-touristy restaurants, dance away the night in hidden clubs, and maybe spend some cozy time canoodling with your pop-up tour guide. This is how many travelers are now conducting vacations.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. If you are traveling, you can use Travel Pal to find a place to stay. It also helps you find a local partner or guide who knows the place.

11 Fun & Easy Ways To Meet People While Travelling Solo

Let's be honest, no one goes travelling solo without the intention of meeting people along the way, or slotting into a travel squad while you're out there - and even the most intrepid of travellers would admit that making new friends on your own is daunting. So step aside Tinder, these 8 platonic friendship apps double duty as the perfect apps for travel and are here to ensure you don't end up a billy no mates on your next solo adventure Unlike Tinder or Bumbe, Hey! With the app active in countries and available in 1 4 different languages, Skout was created with the intention of being used by those bitten with the travel bug. Their user interface aims to evoke the magic of serendipitous encounters, while providing a safe and fast way for travellers to make instant new connections and find travel buddies to partner up on adventures with. What more could a traveller ask for?

Mar 5, - How to Use Dating Apps to Make Friends When You Travel who uses Tinder and Grindr to meet men while abroad, had a similar experience.

I wrote in my previous article Seven Reasons To Go Travelling Solo about how easy it is to strike out on your own and meet people along the way. This sort of travel social networking has flourished in the last couple of years and it costs you little in terms of time and effort to set up a few profiles on different websites and then start locating likeminded users of the same site. The more specific you are, the more you can engage with those reading your profile. CouchSurfing has hundreds of members all over the world who offer a place to stay for other CS members — maybe just a night or several days. You simply have to get in contact, talk to each other and if you get on, arrange when you can visit.

7 Apps to Meet Travelers: Make Friends Around the World

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How To Find Travel Friends Online

Or people watch as you sip a latte in a cafe. Solo trips are wonderful ways to spend some quality time alone. It might be a little intimidating to ask the woman sitting next to you in a restaurant for meal recommendations or to just ask some people to hit up a museum with you.

Jet-setting solo does not mean you have to fend for yourself in a foreign country all alone.

It has almost become a rite of passage for fresh graduates to embark on the Europe backpacking trip of their life before they join the corporate rat race. Triposo is almost like a condensed, more efficient version of TripAdvisor with real recommendations and a user interface so friendly you can find anything from a bar within a 50m radius of you to a super hip restaurant only the locals know about. The best part about this app are their offline maps that will help you to reach your desired destination even without internet access! The catch though is that you have to download the map first WiFi required before it can be used offline.

How to Use Dating Apps to Make Friends When You Travel



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