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Girl meets world maya and josh fanfic

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I've started writing a road trip fanfiction for Girl Meets World where Josh and Maya find themselves stranded in California and was wondering if it was okay to post. Here's an excerpt of the two on the road in a scene I finished awhile ago! She woke to a dull ache in her bones and fading sunlight flitting over her face through the car window, and looked over to see Josh sitting beside her silently, one hand on the wheel, gaze on the road. He glanced at her when he noticed she was awake and there was a short silence before he spoke, his voice slightly rough--as if he hadn't had water for a while--with a teasing lilt to it.

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Joshaya Fanfics

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Story Author Community Forum. And the truth may be more than she can bear. Please take care of them. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday.

Follow Riley's and Lucas' journey through a toxic relationship. A dancer, a singer, a songwriter, a director, and an actress. Who leaves? A dancer, a model, a doctor, a stage manager, and a scientist. In which each artist has their own demons, and only some of them can overcome them. Ten years later, no one is the same person they were when they left, but they all have a part in her death. Maya Hart doesn't talk to her father. Hardly talks to her mom.

And she finds there even some things she can't talk to her best friend Riley about, like her feelings for Riley. So why I guess the only thing to do is to She's not a good writer, she's an artist. Well a wantbe artist at least. It's really dumb for her to have dairy. But maybe that might change. As she turned her back to Abigail Adams, she also turned her back to the feelings she had for a certain someone.

Feelings she ignored until it withered. A second chance at someone she thought she'll never see again. Slight AU and retcon. Rated T for strong language and alcohol. Especially when the game board is always changing, and there are no written rules. Or Josh learns to be an adult while Maya grows up. They're all going to the same funeral. So what does he do? He writes about it. Smackle, Zay B. Life in your senior year is not all fairies and unicorns, but its not all work and no play either.

But now Maya must lie to her best friend about her new gift for seeing demons and about her new sexuality, as she investigates the death of her grandmother, May Clutterbucket. But dealing with your demons is never easy. Similar plot a Lame Journal. One-sided slash. It's also the one that generally shapes how lives turn out. From learning how to drive to fights, it is the year Maya and Riley realize the dangers of not trusting their friends. Although Riley hasn't talked to her ex-best friend Maya in years, she reaches out to ask Maya to be a bridesmaid.

Maya is hesitant because of the old love triangle they had in school. Things didn't end well but, not the way everyone thinks. A story about friendship, love, pain, abuse, loneliness, family and finding yourself.

Trigger Warning Rape. Annoyingly perfect. Val Matthews is loving and kind and Riley loves her sister even if she gets on her nerves sometimes. Follow their story as they go through seventh grade and meet the world. The Lucas Friar crashes into her life and causes even more change to happen.

How does their relationship develop over the course of time? Could someday be someday soon? Slow Burn. Plus Filters. Desktop Mode. Sign Up. Terms of Service.

Joshaya fanfiction

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Mainly Rucas and Joshaya but other pairings will be mentioned. It's the week before summer break and Maya Hart feels left behind because all of her friends are in a romantical relationship with someone and kinda segregate her.

I'm just going to start off by saying, this chapter has been written and rewritten many times. My writing skills have definitely changed over time.

Lucaya centric, but includes other ships. No hate except for Charlie hate. Tried to keep in character but sacrificed being in character for angst. Lucas and Maya find out.

Josh and Maya

Riley lets out a snort as if her best friend would say yes after that. Suddenly the bell rings and the rest of the class floods into the room followed by Mr. Corey thinks about it for a second his lips in a straight line. Maya looks at Riley then down on the ground, it had been a while since her almost been on a date with Farkle, and Uncle Boing was away at University so there was really no harm in one date. Matthews repeats still very confused as to what had just happened although he was pretty sure he had just given his daughter away to a Minkus. She was wearing a black high waisted skirt and a simple white shirt that slung over one shoulder. But even she knew she looked good, with a big grin both her and Riley made there way over to the kitchen. When she reaches Josh they make eye contact again and Maya can feel her heart flutter, but she ignores it because she knew it was the mature thing to do. Josh bites his lip suddenly reevaluating everything why was it so hard to speak with Maya standing there?

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/ Lucaya fanfic)

Maya has been romantically interested in Josh since the day they met, although Josh did not reciprocate the feelings as he found Maya's attraction towards him uncomfortable due to their age difference. However, after Maya confessed her feelings to Josh in Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot , Josh realized that Maya is growing up and he should stop looking at her the way he used to. In Girl Meets Ski Lodge Part 2 , Josh admits he has feelings for Maya too and they agree to play the long game in the hopes that someday there may be a future for them both. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account?

I apologize.

Maya Meets World Disclaimer: I own zero things, except my two dogs -they're not in this fic though. Maya slung herself into a seat in the back row, her hair thrown on top of her head in a large messy bun. She brought her knee to her chest resting the heel of her boot on the front half of her chair.

GMW — Girl Meets New Years Fanfic

I hope you like it. This is just a filler chapter. With next chapter, will the stages start.

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Story Author Community Forum. And the truth may be more than she can bear. Please take care of them. Sequel to "Endings, Beginnings, and the Journey in Between," following Lucas and Maya, as they return to Austin after graduating college and move into their house. Maya and Lucas, in their second year of college, find their future plans forced to change with the discovery that they are expecting Updating weekly every Monday.

Nothing Interesting — Stages Of Love... [Joshaya Series Fic]

A few minutes later he heard a knock on the bay window in the living room. He opened it to see his girlfriend looking like a beautiful mess. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder indicating that he wanted her to lay down with him. She got the idea and rested her head on his chest and her arm around his waist. He smiled and kissed her forehead, then rested his chin on the top her head. With his hand on her back, he closed his eyes too.

Jun 14, - As soon as the door shuts behind her Josh runs a finger though his hair “what was that?” He asks himself. He lifts his eyes to meet Riley who's.

My name is Slightabear and I am new to fanfiction. Hope you guys like this story. I'm going to write more chapters at some point, but I have lots of animals and probably can't for about a week until I get more time. Hope you guys enjoy this story and please review.

Hey guys… This is my second Joshaya Fiction. He had never seen something as beautiful as her. It was the only word that strikes him at the sight of her.

Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text. It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple. Yeah, life was pretty good. Maya just grunted and took a long sip of her drink while Josh laughed and continued.





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