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Автор: Syhoprieree от 30-04-2012, 00:18
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C – -

Автор: Wallacekt от 12-04-2012, 04:51
C – -

Suppose you are writing a compiler; how will you get quality machine code? You might write your own code generator but thats a lot of work. You might use somebody elses : perhaps or MLRIS back end. But each of these impressive systems has a rich, complex, and ill-documented interface, and furthermore, to use MLRISC you must write your front end in ML, to use you must write it in C, and so on. You might generate C, if you can live without multiple results in registers, proper tail calls, computed gotos, accurate garbage collection, and efficient exceptions. You would be much happier with one portable assembly language that could be generated by a front end and implemented by any of several code ...