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baltic_kurs » Материалы за Апрель 2011 года
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The Fix

Автор: owewlychels от 16-04-2011, 13:06
The Fix

Anyone who reads -- or has ever read -- the Fix knows that I am a giant C-SPAN fanboy. Before Mrs. Fix and the junior Fixes arrived, I would occasionally spend a night just watching the House or Senate floor on C-SPAN. (That sounds even nerdier than I thought it would. ) So, when I realized that C-SPAN marked its 35th anniversary of programming this week -- on Wednesday to be exact -- I immediately began casting back through my memory banks in search of my favorite moments from the network. And I asked a few other members of the Fix posse for theirs too.


The USA’s C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft

Автор: Acenonyimmani от 16-04-2011, 07:15

Canned Feud: The Transport of Seville vs. The Spartan Salesmen EADS-CASA partnered with Raytheon for the JCA competition. Their finalist the C-295M has a longer fuselage that can carry more cargo pallets than the C-27J, comes with a nifty pallet loading system, and is cheaper to maintain and fly. On the other