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C-27J Reemerges Despite AFs Boneyard Plans

Автор: Josephpa от 5-10-2009, 06:05

The Air Force is set to discard 21 C-27Js before the end of fiscal year 2013, yet service officials still issued a to industry on May 10 for proposals to purchase even more of the same exact aircraft that will likely sit in the boneyard. The C-27J Spartan is the cargo aircraft that has found itself in the middle of a between the Air Forces active duty and the Air National Guard. Active duty leaders have said the service likes the aircraft, but cant afford it with the forthcoming budget cuts. Guard leaders have responded saying the aircraft will save the service money and the Guard, which was set to receive the bulk of the fleet, is being unfairly targeted to absorb the brunt of the services budget cuts. Congress has for the most part taken the Guards side in the debate. Lawmakers have ordered the service to consider buying more C-27Js even though the service is set to follow through on plans to send the C-27J fleet ...


Автор: Zibsain от 1-10-2009, 09:46