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baltic_kurs » Материалы за Июнь 2007 года
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MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy

Автор: G7zEaP1 от 28-06-2007, 21:51
MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy

> > We were very fortunate to receive for evaluation a pre-production prototype of a new 2. 1 megapixel digital camera from Olympus, the C-2000 Zoom. Because the unit we received was so early in its life cycle, Olympus initially asked us to not publish any pictures captured by it, as the color-management software was still in a relatively early stage of development, and image quality would therefore not be at all representative of the final production units. (From our experience with a number of manufacturers, this appears to be a common development process: Cameras are designed from a functionality standpoint first, and the color is tweaked into line only after the final hardware configuration has been fully defined. ) We've now had the opportunity to test a full-production model of the C-2000 Zoom, and have found it's image quality to be absolutely first-rate: Image sharpness and low-light performance are both significantly improved ove...