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Astronomy Picture of the Day

Автор: MichaelPa от 2-03-2007, 02:56

The C Family of Languages: Interview with Dennis Ritchie, Bjarne Stroustrup, and James Gosling This article appeared in Java Report, 5(7), July 2000 and C++ Report, 12(7), July/August 2000. The C family of languages--C, C++, and Java--has dominated commercial programming for over 30 years. Today, all three languages are at a turning point: The second ISO/ANSI C standard has just been published (C99 was officially released in December 1999). C continues to be one of the most influential languages in the world, particularly in the field of embedded systems.

The first official update to the ISO/ANSI C++ standard will be completed in October 2000. C++ is one of the most widely used commercial programming languages in the world, with unparalleled support for both object-oriented and generi...

The C-Print System

Автор: Intarkani от 1-03-2007, 12:56
The C-Print System

C-Print is a speech-to-text (captioning) technology and service developed at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, a college of Rochester Institute of Technology. The system successfully is being used to provide communication access to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in many programs around the country. In addition to educational environments, C-Print also can be used in business and community settings, and with individuals with other disabilities, such as those with a visual impairment or a learning disability. Costs for using the C-Print system vary, depending on what equipment is used, the pay level and hours the captionist works, the service needs/demands, etc.

Salaries typically are between those of a professional notetaker and an interpreter. A laptop computer is the primary piece of equipment used by C-Print ca...