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Breakthrough in HIV and Hep C vaccine research

Автор: natiwap от 14-11-2006, 23:41
Breakthrough in HIV and Hep C vaccine research

Tuesday, 25 March 2014 Plans for a new type of DNA vaccine to protect against the deadly HIV and Hepatitis C viruses have taken an important step forward, with University of Adelaide researchers applying for a patent based on groundbreaking new research. Professor Eric Gowans from the University's, based at the at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, has submitted a patent application for what he describes as a relatively simple but effective technique to stimulate the body's immune system response, thereby helping to deliver the vaccine. While pre-clinical research into this vaccination technique is still underway, he's now searching for a commercial partner to help take it to the next stage. Professor Gowans' work has focused on utilising the so-called accessory or messenger cells in the immune system, called dendritic cells, to activate an immune response.

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