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baltic_kurs » Материалы за Май 2006 года
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Автор: Nh4Dh4Tx9 от 4-05-2006, 23:08

This year I was a member of Codex, the writing team for the 2012. I'm going to describe some of the puzzles I wrote for, in release order. BEWARE SPOILERS! One of the early theme proposals for our hunt was "Alice in Wonderland. " Casting about for novel meta ideas, I hit upon the idea of a round with purely numeric answers, 1 through 29,394, which would resolve to words via "looking glass numbers"that is, numbering all the words in "Through the Looking Glass". It occurred to me that you could make your numbering system self-descriptive if you used certain words; for example, if you wanted to make clear that hyphenated words should be counted as one (instead of two), you could include "great" and "half" on either side of "arm-chair". The numbering of "great" (164) and "half" (166) would make it clear that "arm-chair" should be treated as a single number (165).

This didn't survive as a meta, but it eventually beca...