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Chinese Physics C

Автор: Us2Mo7Mn5 от 19-06-2004, 06:33
Chinese Physics C

2D Mater. (2014 - present) Acta Phys. Sin. (Overseas Edn) (1992 - 1999) Adv.

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Sci. Eng. (2009 - present) Izv. Math.

(1995 - present)...

India sends black box of crashed C-130J to U.S. for decoding data

Автор: fvggdscvpgp от 18-06-2004, 09:50
India sends black box of crashed C-130J to U.S. for decoding data

The black box of the C-130J transport aircraft that crashed near Gwalior on Friday has suffered damage and the Air Force has sent it to the U. S. To seek the assistance of its manufacturer Lockheed Martin in decoding the data, IAF officials said on Sunday. The connectors of the Flight Data Recorder or the black box are damaged along with the card inside the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR). To avoid any loss of data while trying to decode the equipment, we have decided to send the black box to the U.

S. , an IAF spokesperson said in New Delhi. The black box was sent by an early morning flight on Sunday to Lockheed Martin, he said. The delay in decoding the black box data woul...

Man gives porcupine a C-section, saves baby

Автор: Weeflepulge от 17-06-2004, 07:49
Man gives porcupine a C-section, saves baby

An American man cut open some roadkill in the hopes of finding a valuable mineral - but instead discovered a living baby porcupine. The bizarre tale began when Jared Buzzell went out to Minot, Maine, to search for mushrooms, which he collects for medicinal purposes. When the car in front of him hit a porcupine, his first reaction was to stop and check if it was alive, Buzzell told WMTV.

Finding it dead, he cut open the porcupine to look something called a...

Ford C-Max spot aimed squarely at Cadillac ELR 'Poolside' hubris [UPDATE]

Автор: AustinBeem от 16-06-2004, 16:06
Ford C-Max spot aimed squarely at Cadillac ELR 'Poolside' hubris [UPDATE]

The controversial Poolside, we would not have thought it would center on compost. But, hey, it's always nice to be reminded that the real world is sometimes better than fiction. Instead of the chic swagger of 'Poolside,' 'Anything Is Possible' is all about getting dirty.

The new short in question is called Upside: Anything Is Possible. As in the ELR ad, Ford's plug-in C-Max only makes an appearance at the tail end of the spot, but instead of the chic swagger of Poolside, Anything Is Possi...

Serie B, c'`e Palermo-Siena, il Lanciano ospita il Crotone

Автор: zooneertody от 3-06-2004, 06:39
Serie B,  c'`e Palermo-Siena, il Lanciano ospita il Crotone

Palermo-Siena, piatto forte del turno infrasettimanale di Serie B, `e virtualmente uno scontro tra prime del campionato. I siciliani sono nettamente in vetta, sempre pi`u vicini al ritorno in A dopo un anno senza grande calcio, ma il Siena sul campo ha conquistato 52 punti e senza la forte penalizzazione per i guai societari (-7) ne avrebbe 2 di vantaggio sullEmpoli, adesso secondo. Le due squadre arrivano allo scontro diretto spinte dallentusiasmo e dai risultati favorevoli: 4 vittorie di fila per Iachini (ma non perde dal 21 dicembre a Car...