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Missouri Proposition C (2010), full text

Автор: PetrovvRek от 30-04-2003, 13:06
Missouri Proposition C (2010), full text

Back to Proposition C was on the statewide ballot in, where it was approved. Proposition C repeals Section A. Section 375.

1175, RSMo, and enacts two new sections to be known as sections 1. 330 and 375. 1175. The new sections read as follows: 1. 330.

1. No law or rule shall compel, directly or indirectly, any person, employer, or health care provider to participate in any health care system. 2.

A person or employer may pay directly for lawful health care services and shall not be required by law or rule to pay penalties or fines for paying directly for lawful health care services. A health care provider may accept direct payment for lawful health care services and shall not be required by law or rule to pay penalties or fines for accep...

`C and tcc

Автор: SgsmSitt от 9-04-2003, 23:49
`C and tcc

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Pro Audio Reference C

Автор: Choonofoutt от 9-04-2003, 10:33

C The electronic symbol for a. (dB) Intelligibility. ). Compare with.

( Continental Automated Buildings Association ) An industry association that promotes advanced technologies for the automation of homes and buildings in North America. Cables Audio systems use many different types of cables (for all the details see coaxial cable A single copper conductor, surrounded with a heavy layer of insulation, covered by a thick surrounding copper shield and jacket. A constant-impedance unbalanced transmission line. Data cable See and. Fiber optics The technology of using glass fibers to convey light and modulated information. Short distances (typically less than 150 feet) use plastic fibers, while long distances must use glass fibers.

Mic cable (aka audio cable ) A shielded twisted-pair, usually designed for low current, high flexibility and low handling noise. ...